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Le Nid des Parents is a new organization founded in Chaumont that seeks to combat the isolation of young parents by offering events, workshops and even forums dedicated to parenthood. explanation.

Audrey Bonvallé, Fanny Thomas, Amandine Hubert and Charlene Bailly joined forces to found the association “le Nid des Parents” which aims to support parenthood. All of them work in the perinatal support department and come to the same conclusion. That is, parents are immediately isolated. “Our goal is to reduce this social isolation,” they explain. That’s what everyone confirmed during early childhood week, September 2021, at a meeting of pediatrician Katherine Gegen, who specializes in neuroscience, positive communication, and emotional management. Experts have stressed the importance of not being left alone when you are a young parent.

For these women, who are so concerned with this subject both professionally and personally, they are all mothers, so that was the impetus for creating their structure. I also noticed that parents, especially newcomers, were looking to meet people on social networks.” They naturally called their association “le Nid des Parents”. “You get overly attached during pregnancy and much less when you become a parent,” they say.

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“The goal is to get together and organize conferences and thematic workshops. For example, we can address dietary diversification, returning to work after childbirth, or even after bedtime. Parents’ demands and Everything is done according to needs,” they explain. If all goes well, we hope to reopen parenting forums like the one her Charline Bailly launched single-handedly at John Shelley in 2019. “The goal is to renew every year.”

To kick-start the association and make their presence known, the young women decided to ‘start small’ by initiating a young parents’ meeting through an outdoor tea party. The latter will take place on Wednesday 28th September from 4pm at Place Boulengrin. “It’s a test. Some parents tell themselves they won’t be working on Wednesdays and expect the end of the afternoon to be after the siesta,” they explain.

The purpose of this first meeting is to gather people who might be interested in the “parents’ nest”. Of course, the activity is free (you’ll need to bring your own snacks). Children are welcome too. “In any case, we are there,” smiles the organizer.

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“No one will tell me”

When she came to the Toddler Expo in September 2021, psychologist Katherine Gegen, who specializes in the field, argued that she should be accompanied during the meeting, especially if you are a young parent. did. Seeing her parents, her family, friends, or if far away, her neighbors, parents of students, associations… It was essential for her not to give in to isolation. “Nobody teaches you how to be a parent, but this is one of the most complicated tasks for her in the world (…). Sometimes being a parent… is very hard,” she said. wrote in his book Letters to Young Parents.

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