Annecy Italian Film Festival will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2022

Italian Film Posters 40 Years 2022

The Italian Film Festival returns to Annecy from September 26th to October 2nd. This year, the event celebrates its 40th anniversary. That’s why we take reservations so that you can enjoy it at Bonlieu and other partner cinemas.

The Annecy Italian Cinema is a must-see event in Venice of the Alps. At the end of September every year, the city is dyed in Italy. Organized by the Bonlieu Scène Nationale, the festival takes place at venues affiliated with Bonlieu. Movies not seen in France are offered each year, some in preview. They will be screened in the original version and subtitled in French. At the end of the screening, there will be a meeting and discussion in front of the film crew.

2022 program

This year, the program will change to Contemporary. The festival explores different facets of Italian cinema while paying homage to specific filmmakers. Among the highlights of the 40th edition is the Sergio Leone Award. It becomes possible to distinguish young filmmakers whose talent is expected. Among the films screened are Andrea Pallaolo’s Monica, Ennio directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, and Se Un Sofio di Vita Soltanto by Matteo Bottogno and Daniele Coruccini.

movie category

The Italian Film Festival offers several categories of films. We will be eight this year.

  • Il Concorso.
  • Sergio Leone-Susanna Nicchiarelli Award.
  • Major.
  • La Storia Siamo Noi – A sentimental history of cinema.
  • Opera – Mario Martone.
  • Special screening.
  • Biaggio of Italy by Michelangelo Framartino.
  • ACI Giovanni.

Alps Film Lab 2022

Alpes Film Lab is an initiative of Italy’s Annecy Film Festival and TorinoFilmLab, founded in 2021. It is aimed at budding directors and producers based in Italy or France. This program focuses on developing feature films that can be co-produced across borders. The aim of this project is to promote the cross-border film industry by strengthening the competitiveness of France and Italy on the international market.

useful information

Film screenings take place in several rooms in Annecy. Therefore, the majority of feature films are screened at Bonlieu Scene National. You can also find screenings at Les Nemours cinemas such as Cosmonauta on Friday, September 30th at 6:30pm. Also, Seynod Auditorium will be present at the Italian Film Festival, as will The Mikado and La His Turbines. Screenings will also take place at the Le Rabelais cinema in Meythet, the Pays de Savoie and the Ain cinematheque in Veyrier-du-Lac.

Where to stay at Italian Film Festival?

Annecy Italian Cinema takes place all over the city. Therefore, it is advisable to choose accommodation near affiliated cinemas.

ibis Annecy Crans Gevrier

ibis Annecy Crans Gevrier RoomLocated near the Turbines, this property allows you to travel anywhere in Annecy. You can easily reach the partner cinemas of the Italian Film Festival by public transport.

From €92 per night.

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Castle Hotel

Terrace of the Hotel du Chateau AnnecyThe Hôtel du Château is located in the old town, at the foot of the Annecy Castle. Located near Nemours, Bonlieu is easily accessible on foot. It also offers a unique view of the Venice skyline in the Alps.

From €121 per night.

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Zenitude Hotel – Residence: Les aux d’Annecies

Room at Hotel Zenitude SeynodZénitude Hôtel-Résidences: Les Hauts d’Annecy is located in the center of Seynaud, 2 km from Annecy town centre. You can get there by public transport. It is also a nice point that the parking lot is fully equipped.

From €74 per night.

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