Algeria: Just an Arab summit…

This disturbing question: Will there be an Arab conference in 7 weeks? The current international and regional situation is so out of control and at so many perils that this question is justified to say the least.

1Uh Algiers will host the Arab Summit on November 2nd next year. Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, is already very optimistic. Last Tuesday in Cairo, he declared his country ready. He also expressed “great satisfaction with the level of support shown by Arab countries, with the aim of contributing to the success of this conference.” Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abou Gheit softened this assessment and formalized his “wish”. The summit will be a “decisive turning point” in joint Arab action and “consecrate unity and solidarity.”

That said, it is undeniably important to get back to reality with the recent boastful Algerian diplomacy. First, a curious question. Will there be an Arab Congress in seven weeks? In the current international and regional situation, which is so out of control and in so many dangers, this question is justified to say the least. In fact, the last time the Arab leaders met was in Tunis in March 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions have been cancelled. If the next summit is entrusted to Algeria, it will not be because of its clout or diplomatic influence, but for a reason… Arabic alphabetical order – the first five letters of the Arabic alphabet are a, b , t, th and j. After Tunisia, none of the member states of the Arab League start with th, so what is kept is j, hence Algeria. The next summit will be held in Djibouti. Arabic names start with j, like neighboring countries. yes? It is not a feat, as Algerian propaganda proclaims.

Last November, before a meeting of his country’s ambassadors, Teboun announced that “a summit of the Arab League will be held in Algeria in March.” This deadline was not met due to a lack of organization and mobilization by Arab countries. Called for a reason? Pandemic. Algeria then explained that it also preferred this postponement option. At the Arab Ministerial Meeting in March 2022, she will propose her one-day date.Uh In his eyes, November combines historic national symbolism (the beginning of the uprising is 1 November in the FLN) and Arab solidarity in the face of colonial rule. Illustrating what French President Emmanuel Macron said about the Algerian regime’s “rent of memory”.In this case, the problems and challenges of the Arab world are mixed

In any case, the same mortgage rests on this Arab summit, whether it’s March of last year or November of next year. The generals are de facto the most mobilized supporters of the Palestinian cause. President Tebboune announced in early December last year that he would provide $100 million in aid to the Palestinian authorities for the visit of President Mahmoud Abbas to Algiers. At the same time, he said he intended to put the cause at the center of a planned Arab summit.

Elsewhere, Algiers is working to reintegrate Syria into the Arab League after it was suspended at the end of 2011 in protest of the regime’s crackdown on dissidents by the Bashar al-Assad regime.This question was asked in 2019 and is subject to the agreement of Member States.

The agenda for the next summit has ruled out this return from Damascus. why? Because the state believes that the political situation in Syria is not heading in this direction. In a telephone call on Sunday 4 September, Syria’s foreign minister told Algeria’s foreign minister that Algeria hopes the resumption of its seats within the Arab League “will not be brought up at the next Algiers summit. The Arab consensus is Isn’t this a clear failure of Algeria to mobilize in this direction, Damascus said in this regard, “In the face of the challenges posed by current developments both at the regional and international level, I am interested in contributing to strengthening the unity of the Arab class.”

Another question: the current relationship between Cairo and Algiers. President Sisi received an official invitation from the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, September 6. The Egyptian head of state replied that he would “join the efforts of the Algerian president for the success of the summit,” but did not go so far as to confirm his presence. is being strengthened. July 5th of 60e It must be remembered that on Algeria’s Independence Day, Ethiopian President Salewak Zeude joined the celebrations, initiating a three-day official visit. And Algeria recognized “Ethiopia’s full right to exploit its natural resources.” She also hosted Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on 28 and 29 August. This act was very badly received by Egypt, which like Sudan faces conflicting relations with Addis Ababa for occupying the waters of the Nile around its Renaissance dam (Annahda). It is therefore a serious controversy and raises the most serious concerns in the region.

Finally, we must mention the relationship between Algiers and Rabat. Morocco, after Saudi Arabia and Jordan, should receive an invitation carried by Algeria’s Minister of Justice, Abdelashid Tabi. What is the follow-up to this invitation, and if so, what would be the level of representation of the Kingdom? The border she has been closed since August 1994. Air Links for 1 year. And then there’s everything else: the continued and growing hostility of the general’s military regime and their diplomatic mobilization toward the national cause.

How can such an Arab summit in Algeria evoke a united reconciliation of Arab countries? with great progress, achievements and a mostly positive concern for the majority of members of the international community. of each party’. As it stands, Algeria is fueling the sector by hoping for cheap returns to try to gain international prominence. Waste of time: In any case, this summit (if held) is a waste will be…


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