Addresses and activities for your holiday in Perche, Normandy

“There’s a place waiting for us,” says Claire Stickland. This is the case of La Lunardière in the Perche Regional Nature Park… Her English, Claire and French husband, Yvan Payonne, fell in love with the area during her stay in Mortagne. The couple therefore went in search of a house to buy and came across this authentic abandoned farmhouse in Belleau-le-Trichard, between meadows and woods.

If her condition was deplorable, more was needed to deter this nature lover. They now spend their days on this 10-hectare property, striving to make it a very representative place for Percheron Bocage.

A dynamic woman with a strong personality, Claire had a hosting project in mind to share her beautiful fortune. In 2006, the first hut was built around a 200-year-old chestnut tree. “To do this, we had to pull water and electricity into the middle of the field, which was no easy task,” she explains. Claire and Yvan, pioneers in the guest cabin world, weren’t going to stop there, especially since the bulk of the work was done.

Therefore, in the spring of 2020, I decided to build a wooden house on a hill where there is only greenery as far as the eye can see. Living area with wood burning stove, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, bathroom with shower and toilet, master bedroom and bedroom with bunk beds, perched house can accommodate up to 6 people, all Enjoy modern comfort. From the large terrace, you can be away from the surrounding noise except for the chirping of birds and the footsteps of deer, and be quietly overwhelmed by nature. A symbol of freedom, the Perche d’art Le Perche gives us a single wish.

perch’s lair

Restaurant, bed and breakfast and soon-to-be-wellness area, La Planque en Perche is the slightly crazy dream of Julie and Stéphane Lehambre, who gave up everything and settled in Belleau-le-Trichard. Together they have spent two years renovating the old farmhouse to make it a greener place, closer to nature and local producers. In the kitchen, Julie uses only the freshest ingredients from the market or garden. This explains why the menu is updated weekly and is only accompanied by organic wines. Simple and very good!

Commune of Berme

belem coupling

Nothing beats discovering the Belem and Perche Regional Nature Parks like riding in a carriage pulled by real Percheron horses. Especially when the dance is led by Gérard Beauté, who is from Bellême and has a wealth of knowledge about the history of his region. This enthusiast founded the Volunteer Beléme His Attelage Society to promote Percheron horses on beautiful horses and to carry on the Belmoy tradition. do!


It is in the Perche of Belem that the address of the most beautiful ornaments is hidden!

Bellême’s rue Ville Close hides the most beautifully decorated address. Maison Close, masterfully run by Olivier Premori, is set in a nearby private mansion. Furniture and ornaments from the second half of the 20th century, vintage light fixtures, chairs and armchairs of Breton origin, coffee tables from the 70’s – you will be amazed by his finds.

with a neighbor

A visit to the Chez Les Voisins shop is a must on Thursday mornings as you pass by the small Bellême Market. The credo of Marie du Soldet? From ‘bottom of the truck’ nuggets to unique pieces unearthed here and there, we combine every style of décor with our favorite selections. Together with her husband Jack, she not only offers her own collection of objects, but also offers her advice and services for interior design, styling and even renting her furniture. target.

Village of La Perrière

Pearl of the Perche, La Perrière is a charming little village with many charming little addresses.

A pearl of Perche, La Perrière is a charming ‘small city of character’ with 250 inhabitants. It is located at the edge of the forest of belems. Rich in historical and natural heritage, this small millennium village is he one of the few villages in Orne protected by the Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage Protection Area (ZPPAUP). Impressive buildings, narrow streets lined with houses with colorful façades, the tradition of beaded fillets, restaurants and the annual meeting of the contemporary art market make this city an essential stopover. At the Eperon ruins on the edge of the village, you have a wonderful panorama of the Percheron countryside, Sarthe and the Perseigne forest.

Holbe House

A flea market and restaurant, a gallery and tea room, Maison d’Orbet is aiming for multiple locations. You can enjoy local cuisine from Laurent-Rointier in the sunny courtyard. You can have a cup of tea with the sacred Marquise d’Orbe. You’ll also find works by contemporary artists alongside the 19th-century Percheron scene. Finally, we offer crystal glass, silverware, or porcelain services.

Le Relais d’Orbe

Next to Maison d’Orbaie, Relais d’Orbaie opened in August 2020 after a seven-month renovation. With four suites and three bedrooms, each individually decorated and accessed via a QR code, the address breaks the code with its warm, bohemian vibe. Enjoy cocktails at the bar before enjoying local creations and seasonal dishes prepared by Chef Julien Bommalin. A hotspot in La Perrière!

Municipality of Mortagne-au-Perche

Mortagne au Perche, in the northwest of the Perche Natural Area, will enchant you with its medieval streets populated with stone buildings covered with golden sand. As you walk, you discover this particular architectural charm, consisting of old houses from the 16th to the 18th century. It never stops in front of the Porte Saint-Denis. A historic monument, it bears witness to the past of this unique city, which developed thanks to the construction of a monastery and a fortified castle called Fort Toussaint in the 7th century. You’ll also have time to taste a local specialty, black his pudding, at one of his artisan charcutiers.

feet in water

In Le Perche, the restaurant Les Pieds Dans l’Eau is the perfect place to sample the cuisine of the region.

Already the situation makes you dream … An old millstone in the middle of a field and near a fishing pond. Meline and Gaspard, a young couple from the region, welcome you with a smile to their restaurant Les Pieds Dans l’Eau. She looks after the room while he officiates behind the stove. Very particular about local ingredients, the chef makes us drool with fresh and inventive dishes that evolve with the seasons. A secret address that gourmets talk about in the back of their ears.

Persian Antique Dealer and Photographer

A bargain hunter’s paradise, Perche is home to curiosities, thrift stores and curio racks. Here, furniture and objects from the 18th and 20th centuries unearthed by antique dealer Sylvain Cheriot coexist harmoniously with photographer Carol Descordes’ latest series Still Life and Persian Woods. A must-see spot in the bustling Saturday morning market.

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