Action levers for eco-friendly travel

Treep, a responsible software publisher, helps travel agencies and businesses mobility planner, self booking tool Facilitate the business traveler’s experience and help reduce their carbon footprint

The team will attend the IFTM Top Résa show (Stand 1-C61) and help discover that it is possible to travel professionally and in a responsible manner. We believe that businesses and their travelers recognize the growing need to promote low-emission transport and combat climate change for the benefit of our planet and humanity. The goal is to provide the tools to do so. »

Treep is the publisher of eco-friendly travel booking software. A self-booking tool to compare, combine and book trains, flights, cars and hotels worldwide. Its mission is to accelerate and contribute to the decarbonization and moderation of the business travel sector.

Founded within Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s GoodPlanet Foundation, Treep has just published in partnership with the latter. A Guide to the 9 Key Principles of Responsible and Professional Travel. The latter lists action levers for eco-friendly travel, reducing the climate and environmental impact of each trip.

responsible business travel

Business travel can represent a significant portion of an organization’s Scope 3 emissions. According to ADEME, transport is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions from business travel in France, followed by business events and accommodation. The end of the health crisis presents an opportunity for stakeholders in this sector to put the environment and people at the center of their travel assessments.

This guide provides some action levers to help businesses travel in an environmentally responsible way.

9 main principles

Principle 01: Travel Only When Necessary

Travel when the business opportunity is deemed important, when human contact or physical presence is deemed essential, or when the event is not broadcast.

Principle 02: Take the train whenever possible

If this is not possible, find a meeting point that is a geographical intermediate location (intermediary) between the two participants. If possible, prefer night trains (overnight stay and transport saves greenhouse gases).

Principle 03: Optimize your trip once you decide to fly

Choose between direct flight and economy class. Select companies that optimize travel routes and whose fleets consist of newer aircraft models (lower GHG emissions/km). To improve our footprint and optimize our air use, we encourage meeting opportunities and onsite meetings so we don’t have to return to the country.

Principle 04: Contribute to global and local carbon neutrality

Fund carbon avoidance or sink projects to participate in global carbon neutrality.

Principle 05: Go to events that highlight your environmental responsibility

For example, thanks to our virtuous buildings, environmentally friendly suppliers, and reduced waste.

Principle 06: Book a labeled hotel*

Prefer hotels near train stations or soft mobility drop-off points. Please choose the side of the room according to the number of people. (* Green Key, European Eco Label, Green Globe)

Principle 07: Act Green During Your Stay

Choose a diet that has less impact on the environment. That is, vegetarian or with white meat or fish. In hotels, use only necessary electrical appliances, pay attention to standby mode, use heating and air conditioning in moderation, consume only necessary food, and use fabrics such as bath towels responsibly.

Restricts the acquisition of goods distributed at the event.

Come along with your water bottle and reduce your plastic waste!

Principle 08: Prioritize low-emission modes for transit transport

For transport connections to stations, airports and hotels, please prioritize public transport, bicycles, taxis or carpooling via VTC.

Principle 09: Prefer carpooling and/or use electric vehicles

If you need to travel by car, choose an electric vehicle or ride with other passengers.

The Good Planet Foundation, a recognized public utility, and Treep, an eco-mobility startup, have chosen to work together because they share common beliefs. Action is taken by providing examples of concrete transition models from the companies themselves. GoodPlanet approached The Treep for this publication to see that it represents an alternative vision of travel – an innovative structure that carries a vision of essential, low-carbon travel – and inspires other stakeholders. I was convinced that I could do it.

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