73 stage villages arrive in Villers-Bocage for the national competition

From Wednesday 28 September to Friday 30 September 2022, City Councilman Serge Pierre in charge of the Villers-Bocage Stopover Label (Calvados) makes final preparations for the National Stopover Village Meetings. © La Voix le Bocage

The town of Villers-Bocage (Calvados) is about to vibrate to the rhythm of a highly unusual event from Wednesday, September 28, 2022 to Friday, September 30, 2022.

who are you playing for first time – and perhaps the last, given that the number of potential candidates is increasing every year – within the municipality: for them the General Assembly of the Commonwealth and Stopover Villages is welcomed National convention.

This perspective was made possible in particular by the team led by Serge Pierre, Municipal Councilor responsible for the Villers-Bocage Stopover label and member and secretary of the Federation’s Board of Directors.

It was he who was responsible for submitting the application files for these three days.” Structure enough to accommodate everyone, Appropriate accommodation and catering”.

The files were verified in 2020 and Serge Pierre has been monitoring the preparations ever since. “We should have hosted the event in 2021, but covid changed everything,” he reveals.

Promotes territorial image

However, it is not easy to prepare.In total, representatives of 72 Other French Stopover Villages Move around town.

“That much 150 people, elected representatives of the Commune, and ten members of the Commonwealth. » Plus, this is a first. Delegation of the Villages-relais du QuébecGo to The only stopover village in Calvados To see the progress of the meeting and discover Normandy.

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The recent purpose is also ” Promote the image of the municipality, its region and its territoryespecially through guided tours”.

Some of them will be announced on Thursday 29th September in Villers-Bocage, more generally in the Calvados region (in particular Colville-sur-Mer American Cemetery) the next day.

many exchanges

In addition to these visits, several events are held. Richard Lenoir Centerthe quintessence of the event.

“The Center will host the Federal Assembly at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, September 28th, where all elected officials and officials will meet, and meetings and workshops will be held throughout the next day. I can. “

Serge Peter

Long-term local contribution

Annual event of stage village national convention held every year. However, events are usually accompanied by: partners, all local, collected by a team of councilors with the help of the mayor of the commune, Stephanie Le Verrier. Like the tourist office, he is also the person who was “deeply involved” in organizing the event.

Otherwise, hotel and the Restorationis also organized by Serge Pierre and his team and is also commissioned by local guest houses, hotels and restaurants.

“We are in contact with the restaurants in Villers-Bocage to provide catering in turn. so that you can choose according to your preferences.»

But beyond this participation, the City Councilman is “extremely proud to promote his city through this challenging task” and announces what these national conferences will bring.” New business activity On the other hand, in Villers-Bocage, although not always immediately visible, long term”.

In the meantime, make way for a three-day event starting Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

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