6 Signs You Should Take Seriously

Some parents view the birth of a child as a precious gift in life, while others use it to boost their ego. This is true of narcissistic parents who make their children mere objects of gratification. Lacking attachment and empathy, narcissistic perverts hide their game well in public. But between the walls of the house, the experts in these operations create a prison atmosphere.

And children, the vulnerable prey, suffer first. Some signs are not misleading, despite acting calculated to the millimeter. Proof by 6.

1 – Make the child feel guilty and take responsibility

Narcissistic parents rely on their inflated ego to keep their children from falling off the pedestal.they Use and abuse their authority to never taint this smooth image that they forged. “It’s your fault that I was late for school.”,”versusYou’re the reason I lost my career.”If you hadn’t been there, I would have been rich.”. these are judgment of great violence It’s a narcissistic parent’s favorite weapon.

Children are responsible for all And who plays the wrong role. This disdainful technique destroys the foundation of self-confidence from an early age. children become scapegoats Close to hand and easy to handle. And narcissistic parents rub their hands on it. It is impossible for them to apologize or make mistakes.

2 – Prioritize your own needs over your child’s needs

“Before the life of my child”, this parental credo struggles among narcissistic parents. It is commonly said that parents forget themselves after the birth of their baby, but here it is quite the opposite. Driven by selfishness, hunger for superiority, Narcissistic Parents Forget Their Children’s Desires. They are Instruct Toddler ChoicesThey also tend to bring into themselves missed dreams. It’s like a second chance.

“I don’t care if you like dancing or not, you’ll be a great equestrian champion.”Children become one dangerous achievement biasThe main thing involved is, on their part, some painAnd this indifference doesn’t stop there. Children are responsible for carrying excess luggage while shopping. Same story in transit when he is forced to give up his place to his parents.

3 – Has uncontrollable emotions

Little things can make them switch to the dark side.somehow In society, narcissistic parents regularly show good looks In intimacy, observation is more bitter. They are processing experts. Admitting that you are a cruel parent in the eyes of others is out of the question. But once I got home, Narcissistic parents become threatening when children disobey or are arrogantTheir main goal is to make the child obedient and obedient.

As soon as a child makes a difference, even if only slightly, they spend a bad 15 minutes. Disproportionately angry, narcissistic parents Use your child as a stress relieverSobbing, anger, and worst of all, physical harm…if their precious ego is affected, they know how to make sense of it.

4 – They feel no empathy for the child

there is a parent taking care of the child “Magic Kiss” Having a narcissistic parent, Minimize all injuries, both internal and externalIt’s one of their great specialties.They are emotional barrierEven in front of the irresistible tears of a big crocodile, they remain passive. No “my poor darling” or of “Why are you crying?/My chick?”the narcissistic parent stands out with apathy.

And rather “Don’t be a coward” Where “I’m glad it’s not sugar” popular with them. impenetrable fortress, A narcissistic parent’s heart beats only for their self-esteemResult: children’s faces ice wall Forced to swallow emotions.

5 – very intrusive

Respecting a child’s privacy is also a concept that narcissistic parents forget to integrate. Children are just puppets that you can manipulate as you please, like a toy. As stubborn as dictators, they sometimes very invasiveWhether your child is having fun with their friends or doing mathematical thinking on the desk, Narcissistic Parents Will Do Anything to Divert Their AttentionThe ace of these operations is hungry for compliments.

As soon as they wish to discuss or elaborate on their exploits, Children must be 100% availableHis listening is reduced to simple self-service commodities. And if a child dares to refute this “domestic monarch”, then no doubt it is a cold showerEven a child’s answer is sculpted from scratch and sounds false. This superficial thing becomes the number one rule to protect yourself.

6 – They think they owe their children

“Normal” Parents When Kids Fly show their nostalgia in part “You grew up so fast” Where “My house is empty without you”The narcissistic parent improvised banker and make up particularly large bills for childrenAfter feeding them, housing them, bleaching them, and spending thousands of cents on diapers, they are waiting for a turnaround.

A child who thought he had finally escaped from this parent’s poisonous claws finds himself trapped again. their meager bank account satisfy the whims of narcissistic parentsLater, the children have to wear the caregiver’s hat, damaging their careers and their own families.

Emotional emptiness, low self-esteem, codependence, relationship insecurities… Growing up with a narcissistic parent is a real poison for a child weaned from cradle love. As toxic as helicopter parenting tends to be, there are ways to keep positive parenting close at hand.

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