6 destinations for agrotourism in the sun

Why not spend your next vacation in the countryside in the sun? Discover agrotourism, farm vacations…on the south side!

we won’t teach you anything Return to land is in the air. More and more city-dwellers are taking advantage of the joys of rural tranquility for their holidays, some content to stay in a house or rented house, while others are experimenting. . Agrotourism, a good way to discover life on a farmOr why not consider a new life far away from the city?

Introducing this innovative concept, offering 6 of the best rural destinations in Southern Europe. Follow the guide!

What is agrotourism?

Agrotourism Hotels in Menorca, Sicily

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Agritourism is Discover the world of agriculture to a wide audience, especially city dwellers. Visitors stay at family farms and large farms to learn about rural life. They can participate in daily operations and work, participate in the development of agricultural products and enjoy excellent living conditions.

A thousand miles off the inhuman tourist circuit, agrotourism has many advantages.

  • Enjoy charming accommodation.
  • Taste authentic cuisine using fresh local ingredients,
  • Immerse yourself in a true haven of rural peace…

Moreover, this alternative tourism shows itself beneficial for farmers People who can show off their skills. The latter can generate more income and participate in campaign activation. Win-win concept!

The recent boom in agrotourism has Diversification of activities offered on the farmPermaculture workshops, (a) typical accommodation, direct sales, catering, equestrian sports or educational visits are fully relevant here.

Some farms also have leisure facilities similar to traditional hotels and campgrounds. They even enjoy the right climate for their dream vacation! rural tourism So widespread in southern Europe, try your hand at adventure with our selection of six holiday resorts in the countryside!

Relax in Menorca

Agrotourism Hotels in Menorca, Sicily

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Menorca is part of the Balearic Islands and is known for its seaside resorts, crowded beaches and nightlife. It is the wildest island and best preserved from mass tourism. Designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, this coastline is dotted with fishing villages and stretches of turquoise water.

The interior of the land is also not defeated. Vineyards, olive groves and green forests make up a gorgeous landscape that delights visitors. The relaxed atmosphere of the picturesque small towns that dot the Menorca region is sure to enchant you. Finally, its capital, Mahon, with the most beautiful natural harbors in the Mediterranean. A dream destination for your vacation!

Recommended for idyllic islands Lukasardent Villa, Menorca’s agrotourism spearheadSituated in the center of the island in the middle of 100 hectares of land with vineyards and olive trees.This country farmhouse is real Finca A gorgeous panorama dominates.

It features an infinity pool, sauna, 12 cozy rooms and a variety of themed workshops. Yoga, painting, makeup, photography, aromatherapy, pottery, cooking… Meals are seasonal and farm produce. Guests can use 4 free bicycles, including electric bikes, to explore the surroundings.of Sombou Beachthey En Xoloi Cave and small Araior village I’m waiting for you!

Walk among the orange trees in Sicily

Agrotourism at Zach Country Hotel in Sicily

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Ah, Sicily… largest island in the Mediterranean, at the tip of the Italian “boot”. Known for the Valley of the Temples and the Etna volcano, it has many major archaeological and cultural sites. This Mediterranean pearl is also a renowned agricultural region that benefits from natural fertilizers. volcanic lavaRich in nutritious minerals for plants, vineyards and citrus groves thrive and travelers enjoy their vacations. Foodie, greedy, you are here.

we found you Zash Country Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel, on the east coast of the island. This former winery keeps its winemaking traditions high with lava stone walls, vaults and cellars. The lounge bar and restaurant are located in an old wine press. With a spa, sauna, swimming pool and 13 hectares of land, there are 17 luxurious accommodations to choose from.

You can experience picking and tasting citrus fruits. Take advantage of the free bicycles and explore the surroundings.of Isola Bella and Mazzaro Beach Where Ancient Theater of Taormina, for example. If you’re not sporty, you can hop on the small Etna Wine Route train to the heart of the local wine estates. Health!

A taste of old-world charm in Tuscany

Hotels in Tuscany

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Tuscany is this region of central Italy that was a prime location during the Renaissance. Subsequently, the cities of Florence and Siena experienced great cultural influence on a European scale. Tuscany is also a fairly rural area.

A sublime countryside, Pardon is nothing compared to its fields, vineyards and cypress-covered hills. Agrotourism in Tuscany was established very early, long before the rest of Europe followed suit. And what if you came to know why? Andiamo!

We want to unearth little havens of peace around the world, so here we are Agroturismo Biologico SantegleSet in the heart of 3 hectares of organic gardens with olive trees, saffron groves, fruit trees and 100-year-old oak trees, this 17th-century farmhouse is a real marvel.

You can choose a comfortable room or a ‘glamping’ tent at the bottom of the garden. The facility offers guided tours, wild plant harvesting workshops, or introductions to the olive harvest. Yoga classes, Ayurvedic massages and year-round heated wooden hot tubs are available. In the summer, the salt water pool is the perfect place to refresh.unless you like Saturnia Hot Springs,Two-stage?

In the shade of the olive trees of Puglia

Green Hotels in Puglia

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are you still in italy Direction Puglia, the southern region of the country that forms the heel of the “boot”. Famous for picturesque towns with whitewashed walls, centuries-old farmlands and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, Puglia is a true gem.its capital Bari, Lecce and its Baroque architecture or Itria Valley Definitely worth the trip. In addition, some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches are Salento. Italian Nicknames, beautiful countrydefinitely suits him very well…

To convince you of this, the direction Agri-Resort Masseria MuntibianchiThis property is the perfect blend of top quality hotels and love for the area.of Muntibianchi Estate There is an organic production label affixed to the juicy oil produced on the premises. To reach the iconic establishments of Agrotourism in Puglia,Otranto, Italy’s easternmost city. The Balkan Peninsula across the Adriatic Sea…

The grounds are all white walls, which almost always contrast with blue skies and green gardens. You can participate in 2 saltwater pools, garden produce meals, grape harvesting and oil pressing. Want to score? For a special stay, choose a suite with a private pool in the 250 m² garden.

Educating taste buds in Madeira

Madeira Agrotourism

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Famous for its eponymous drink, Madeira is a Portuguese island located off the northwest coast of Africa. Its south and sea location gives it a pleasant tropical climate. Especially wild and resolutely protected from urbanization, Madeira is the ideal base for a holiday in the great outdoors.

If you like fine sandy beaches, which is rare on the island, Praia da Calheta, on the south coast.there he found Socarco Nature Hotel, a centerpiece of Madeira’s agrotourism.

A former monastery of the 19th century, it is comfortable and perfectly integrated into the landscape. From the outset, the place amazes with its breathtaking panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. Rooms facing the sea seem to blend in with the rich nature that is unique to this Portuguese pearl. The accommodations are cozy and diverse in terms of design and identity.You can also reserve House Individual for maximum privacy!

Here you can taste succulent products from permaculture gardens. Vines surround the property and produce exquisite white wines that enhance the chef’s gourmet cuisine. With a particular focus on oenology, the facility offers many fascinating workshops on this subject. Madeira no longer holds your secrets!

In the middle of Crete’s vineyards

Trout Agrotourism in Crete

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Ridge? It is the largest of the Greek islands. It is criss-crossed by mountain ranges and lies south of the Aegean Sea. The island is distinguished by its wide variety of typical Mediterranean landscapes. It has a beautiful white sandy beach wetted with turquoise water. No Instagram filter needed here. Visitors will enjoy traversing its fairly typical villages and discovering Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno. Tourist sites and archaeological sites highlight Crete’s territorial and agricultural plots.Also, those who came to experience Agrotourism in Crete at Dalabelos Estate ?

Located on a hill in the northern part of the island, it faces the Aegean Sea. Notice the freestone building in the middle of the olive trees. Accommodation is in a charming 25 m² cottage in a contemporary style. Each has a balcony or terrace with views. The infinity pool offers a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding hills and ocean.

Background sounds of chirping crickets and the sound of the wind allow you to participate in the normal activities of your residents. You can harvest olives, harvest grapes, but also cook (Does the Cretan diet and its benefits speak to you?) or culinary workshops Ceramic. Finally, traditional musical evenings are regularly organized to please exotic lovers. Your next vacation looks good!

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