4 Best Green Hotels in the Dominican Republic

Responsible business trips are possible even at a distance! Head to the greenest hotels in the Dominican Republic!

Stop misunderstandings!A trip to a paradise island doesn’t always mean forget one’s values ​​while on vacationOn the contrary, more and more destinations are sustainable tourism, respect the environment and the people who live in it. This is the case, for example, in the Dominican Republic.Today we bring you some Environmentally friendly hotel.

I have to say that nature is queen in the Dominican Republic.Dense jungles, preserved mountains and white sandy beaches: this island is the culmination of the most intoxicating scenery in the CaribbeanRecognizing its wealth and vulnerability, the Dominican Republic is opting for more sustainable tourism. In this way, we not only allow the park to thrive, but also provide activities and accommodations that respect the environment. Don’t hesitate to book your next Caribbean vacation. Let’s find together the best green hotels in the Dominican Republic.

A lodge in the heart of nature for a romantic getaway

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📍 position : Barajona
🌿 eco rating : 8/10

Going to the Dominican Republic as a couple?You too have found the perfect holiday nest Romantic rather than exhilaratingThis eco-friendly, human-sized lodge is a true haven in the heart of lush nature. It is located on a small mountain and is surrounded by tall trees on all sides. The suite’s large bay windows and terrace allow for complete immersion in the woods. Inside you’ll find a luxurious jacuzzi and a small private swimming pool where you can spend your midnight baths in the hollow of the tree. Attractive, right?

With your well being at the forefront, this elegant lodge offers an unforgettable experience. what’s our favourite? The massage is out of the ordinary as the tables are set on the river. Close your eyes and be soothed by the sounds of parrots… but the site also offers adrenaline-rich activities, always near the forest. Climbing trees, ziplining, horseback riding : You discover a thousand and one ways to explore it. After all, nature is the true star of this place, a pioneer of eco-friendly travel in the Dominican Republic.For an even more spectacular glimpse of it, you can climb up and continue your adventure Pico Duarte next door !Details of this hotel

💙 we love : terrace with private jacuzzi in the hollow of the forest

Bohemian life, a chic and eco-friendly version

Bohemian life, a chic and eco-friendly version

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📍 position : Punta Cana
🌿 eco rating : 7.5/10

Objective change of scenery at this eco friendly hotel.The Dominican Republic offers yourself in its most enchanting light! You will love hippie chic vibe of this Resort It seems that a small Balinese wind blew. This place of footbridges, pillars and thatched roofs Dream Caribbean than the Orient. The massages, treatments and yoga classes on offer are a perfect match for this special atmosphere. Your health is our top priority here. The hotel doesn’t skimp on high-end service, so you don’t have to think about anything but yourself.

You will feel pampered and protected in this sanctuary with the false air of an oasis of paradise. When the lush vegetation and long waterways catch your eye, close your eyes… only the chirping of birds will disturb your nap!

This eco-friendly hotel is in harmony with the environment and blends perfectly with the landscape of the Dominican Republic. moreover, The wonderful pristine beach of Uvero Alto. A fascinating space where you can enjoy from sunrise to sunset! The more adventurous can also try snorkeling and diving to see the fish and nearby coral reefs.Details of this hotel

💙 we love : Open-air bar with a thatched roof facing the sea

A boutique hotel experience in the heart of the Caribbean

A boutique hotel experience in the heart of the Caribbean

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📍 position: Samana
🌿 eco rating : 8.5/10

Directions, away from the hustle and bustle of Punta Cana Samana’s Sublime Bay, north coast. With this rare pearl, you own one of the best and greenest hotels in the Dominican Republic and one of the most romantic. Imagine: a beautiful home with coral walls lining the cliff side and thrusting directly into the ocean… Add in charming decor, a heavenly pool and a beach on your doorstep. Here’s a recipe for a heavenly boutique hotel, a rarity on the island.this box adults only The perfect place for a romantic getaway in the most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic.

In addition, its sustainable development policy makes it one of the most ambitious green hotels in the Republic.
Dominica.He is also one of the few who hold travellife gold label. Conservation of local flora and fauna – turtles, whales, mangroves, corals – is at the heart of its action.Unparalleled charm, spectacular surroundings and impeccable commitment: what more could you ask for?

💙 we love : terrace overlooking the sea, decoration

All-inclusive, responsible luxury on the island’s most beautiful beaches

All-inclusive, responsible luxury on the island's most beautiful beaches

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📍 position: Punta Cana
🌿 eco rating : 8.5/10

This hotel is a real small town completely dedicated to joy and happiness. On the sublime beach of Bavaro he has been established for 30 years. one of the holiday pioneers all inclusive. Spas, golf, casinos, bars, restaurants…the list is so long that you will definitely need multiple stays to explore the entire area.

Behind the glittering richness, Resort One of the greenest hotels in the Dominican Republic.he also picked up Green Globe Certification. But thanks to its actions in favor of environmental protection. I must say that he is located in one of the most beautiful natural places on the island. Bavarian beach. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s sure to make people jealous with your Instagram stories.Details of this hotel

💙 we love : private beach and coral reef

The Dominican Republic is an ideal destination that combines luxury and sustainability thanks to its hotels. Enjoy a great eco-friendly vacation.

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