3 Technologies Inspired by Android and Expanded by Apple

Like every year, Apple presents the novelty of the iPhone as an innovation. In many cases, Apple is far from being a pioneer. Still, Apple can expand on these technologies, as the iPhone 14 Pro shows.

Apple – Flanders – iPhone 14 always on
iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display Mode // Source: The Verge

The Apple conference has ended. Rumors stuck to what we can learn. You can find the full summary here. There is also an article that describes the novelty in detail.

Here we are interested in the novelties of the iPhone 14, especially those borrowed from the Android world. As usual, Apple isn’t an innovation pioneer in general, but it does have a real ability to expand on certain innovations and technologies that have already been seen.

Always display

A few years after Samsung, Apple added display capabilities.” always on Similar to what you can do with the Apple Watch. This low-power mode allows you to display your clock, new iOS 16 widgets, and a few other things when your phone isn’t in active use.

When you’re not interacting with the screen, you can reduce the screen refresh rate to 1 Hz to save battery life. this is,Apple A16 Bionic And so is the LTPO technology already found in many Android smartphones.

Apple Event — Sept. 7 1-18-35 Screenshots
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

As seen in one photo taken by The Bargethis mode provides a much more colorful and complete rendering than the Always On mode commonly available on Android smartphones.

screen pills

Instead of a notch at the top of the screen, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max use pill-shaped cutouts to house selfie cameras, 3D sensors, and more. called “Dynamic Island” (dynamic island It takes up less screen space than the default notch. However, it can be resized to reveal various status indicators and other his UI elements, blurring the line between the cutout and the rest of the screen.

Screenshots from the Apple Event — Sept. 7 1-15-15
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

So while Apple arrives years after we saw a little bubble on Android instead of a notch, Apple takes the opportunity to overhaul the entire notification system to add features to Android.

Apple Event — Sept. 7 1-16-40 Screenshots
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

Tap dynamic island You can also expand it to see more actions or go to specific music or apps.

Apple Event — Sept. 7 1-15-0 Screenshots
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source: Apple

accident detection

The iPhone 14 Pro line also supports some of the same security features as the standard iPhone 14. This includes a new accelerometer capable of detecting gravitational acceleration up to 256g, a high dynamic range gyroscope, and noise-based car crash detection.

Like the new Huawei Mate 50 Pro, it has two years of free emergency SOS calling via satellite, so you can always access emergency services in areas with no phone signal. you can’t.

Apple Event — Sept. 7 1-4-47 Screenshots
Incident detection // Source: Apple

According to Apple, your phone stores your location data and some basic information ” A center staffed by Apple-trained specialists who can call for help on your behalf “. However, this option will initially only be available in the United States and Canada.

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